"Double carbon" goal她城 to accelerate the transfor醫照mation of environmenta自書l protection industry

2022-01-24 09:46

Promote carbon peak and 劇時carbon neutralization, and gre學答en and low-carbon has become the 西年main tone of China's high-q議影uality economic development. In this c但飛ontext, how should the env習筆ironmental protection industry seize th爸好e opportunity?

"The double carbo慢要n track is wide and long. For enviro他技nmental enterprises, focu有海sing on and seizing the 'dou術弟ble carbon' track is the d紅讀etermined direction of medi劇雨um and long-term strategic layou見影t." Zhao Lijun, Pre區些sident of the enviro那司nmental chamber of Commerce of the刀志 all China Federation of in信唱dustry and Commerce and chairman腦多 of poten Environment Group樹快 Co., Ltd., said at the "2022 envi廠事ronmental entrepreneur media meeting妹工" recently held 森遠that China's large-scale 電術transformation to a low-carbon econom視雜y will bring decades of themed但友 investment opportunities and an unimag兒飛inable broad market.

Industry demand continues to g鄉化row

The 14th Five Year Plan窗刀 period is the key perio自不d, window period and prep男匠aration period for reaching the pe國錢ak of carbon. It is also a key five-y日車ear period to set the習為 direction, lay the 黃農foundation and achieve results in pr電又omoting the comprehensive low-c湖錢arbon transformation. During t哥可he large-scale transformatio要有n of China's economy 科一to a low-carbon economy, the d都你emand for environmental protection ind紙如ustry will continue to grow in br時和eadth and depth.

Luo Jianhua, vice presid林得ent and chief environmental policy業外 expert of the chamber 作哥of Commerce for the enviro照高nment, said that in recent years,體慢 the environmental protection indus黃知try has entered a transit空睡ion period after adjustment and 歌分recovery. Carbon peak carbon ne身高utralization has broug街著ht new opportunities f木市or environmental prote明低ction enterprises.

"China's env內要ironmental protection industry is not i員南n the bottleneck period. 在話There are a lot of thin行生gs to do in the future.&q黃近uot; Li Fujing, gener議要al manager of Beijing shouchuan光在g Ecological Environme光呢ntal Protection Grou事河p Co., Ltd., is optimist輛器ic about the prospect of enviro歌街nmental protection indu就裡stry. He believes that舊西 with the continuous i明黑ntroduction of national environmental校開 protection policies, market space 森視and opportunities in subdivid器物ed business forms and fields will be gr錯用adually opened.

In Li Fujing's view, some new segm化見ents, such as environmental sanitation河好 integration, have no們玩w reached the key node of market少花ization. For example,章章 in the field of mine restoration and 那從site restoration, the state h為是as also issued a series 麗懂of preferential policies.草少 The pipe network in the field of 音相water affairs and the field of 弟綠renewable resources that have no計店t been fully started are the 畫男potential market space of t區線he environmental protection indu離舞stry. From another d她聽imension, China's econom秒河y and society are de農懂veloping towards resour畫要ce and energy recycling and sustaina舊工ble development. The "生山double carbon" a子秒nd resource recycling h能少ave opened a new door fo票歌r the industry.

The growth in the num對醫ber of environmental protection 吧可enterprises confirms the 姐又trend of rapid developmen可能t of the industry. According to熱機 Tianyan survey data, up to 報花now, China has nearly 700000 ecol站化ogical and environme知放ntal protection related enterpr林很ises, and the average growth rate of 對刀newly registered enterpr章唱ises in five years has reached 4上子4.31%.

Zhao Lijun said that 訊小in accordance with the obje音微ctives and requiremen工老ts put forward in the 14th fi又腦ve year plan and the日男 outline of long-term objectives fo花湖r 2035, the ecologica歌司l environment will fu錢得ndamentally improve within 放相10 years. In the next媽門 five to 10 years, China's existing資間 urban black and smelly wat的輛er bodies, waste treatment, i火了ndustrial and mining enterprise pol筆制lution and other shortcomings will be a員開ccelerated, and the traditi歌男onal environmental treatment work 跳物will be completed around 2030.

"Enterprises should t西好hink and predict pro很算spectively. When there are new changes 她照in China's indus務站trial development and energy s站費tructure, the services of the env美吃ironmental industry will c資醫hange with this trend.&qu放土ot; Zhao Lijun said.

Technological innovation n為做eeds to be accelerat化視ed

After years of developmen長機t, the environmental protect可對ion industry has made great progress要黃 and is also facing profo會不und changes.

According to Xi Beidou, vice presiden樂路t of the Chinese Academy of Env又不ironmental Sciences, from 2016 to 2報相020, the average annual compound gr志人owth rate of the operating re廠商venue of China's 爸外environmental protection i姐吧ndustry reached more than 13%, and 頻少the direct contribution rat章火e of the environmental雪水 protection industry to the national 來懂economy increased from 3.3% i小好n 2016 to 4.5% in 2020. The innova錢船tion ability of the environmental 輛外protection industry h算金as improved rapidly.業的 The number of patents for e雨畫nvironmental protect書他ion technology and equipment in Chin有厭a ranks first in the wo鄉鐘rld. The evaluation of th機費e Ministry of science and technology 大頻shows that about 10% of environ愛還mental protection equipment has 書亮achieved international lea來雨dership.

At the same time, the structural,音河 root and trend pressure o窗飛f China's ecological and envi長科ronmental protection has not been fu文綠ndamentally alleviated. Zhao Liju員老n pointed out that the problem下刀s of pollution reduction and 弟農carbon reduction, urban 日鄉and rural areas, water enviro也音nment treatment and water ecologica還要l protection, new pollutant treat喝線ment and traditional 日資pollutant prevention and con低有trol are intertwined. The env子喝ironmental protection ind長謝ustry is still in th術件e primary stage of de服術velopment, such as extensive銀習 development, low concent那湖ration, insufficient business 懂個model innovation, shortage of fun低算ds and weak scientific and te學民chnological innovation abi亮機lity.

Under the guidance of 書高the "double car動化bon" goal, the connotation of the術資 environmental protection ind風農ustry has been opened several time草費s, and the industrial re看吧sponsibility has increased several t答他imes. The environmental protection ind子說ustry will focus on "pollution也器 control" in the past and ente到間r a new stage of synergistic prom公北otion of pollution reduction 機暗and carbon reduction, green prod雨什uction, green life and good ec綠身ology. Only by adhering to th身報e core position of scien醫事tific and technological innovatio城道n can the environmental pr湖公otection industry achieve小睡 high-quality development and為畫 achieve the maximum gove厭朋rnance effect with the leas風鐘t economic cost.

Exploring green and low-c玩飛arbon technological innovation 門可and cultivating new kinet師窗ic energy for self height an靜書d quality development have bec作雜ome the development di草個rection of environmental p著小rotection enterprises. Z男間hao Lijun said that at 短件present, the new technolo山吃gical revolution repre離場sented by information technology a低遠nd green technology is changing the 視師world development pattern. The inn區人ovation direction of eco-e哥技nvironmental technolog紅會y is also changing to m子男ulti-element, multi-media and m呢北ulti-objective collaborat中工ive prevention and con區計trol, paying more attention to the int中筆egration of all factors and refined com微長prehensive environmental ma歌一nagement, paying more attention to gree體空n and low-carbon, and paying了就 more attention to the deep integra道黃tion with digitization and intelligence中用.

Pay close attention t身票o tackling key problems of gree雨北n and low-carbon technologies短算, and accelerate the research, dev窗計elopment, popularization and applic商頻ation of advanced and appl妹科icable technologies. Tong Shanghui吃亮, chairman of Zhongjing 湖地Environmental Technolog道書y Co., Ltd., told reporters t也雜hat for the realizatio商理n of the "double carbon" goal兵老, the key to the strong driving計兵 force of the green and Low-水體carbon Science and technology rev老技olution lies in the original innov服舞ation and independent innov林行ation of carbon reduction t跳新echnologies, including low-c東街arbon technology, zero carbon t請相echnology and negative carbon te筆會chnology. Among them, th路嗎e value and contributi分請on of negative carbon technology inn歌讀ovation to carbon governance and說空 carbon neutralization ne門議ed to be highly concerne去員d.

Environmental protecti樂大on enterprises should not only prov雨商ide plant and station construct有吃ion, but also provide systematic techni為光cal management services, so as to s事來olve many pain points in the 紙也field of environmental protectio暗飛n. Li Fujing said that only by關數 taking the needs of customers as 筆理the guide, integrating術美 various mature technologie坐用s, equipment and equipment in 多有the industry through scien工頻tific and technological innovation物說, or developing equipment, equipment a服冷nd technology suitable for the needs 慢問of customers, can we improve the 章月business and better m服又eet the market demand.

Industrial promotion should gnaw房離 on "hard bones音放"

The National Conference on ecologic如劇al and environmental prot金文ection in 2022 pointed out tha那議t the work of ecological 話到and environmental protection in 202那老2 will highlight the key points and gra好讀sp the key. The first task i司腦s to serve the overall si朋她tuation of economic deve自舞lopment, orderly promot聽喝e green and low-carbon development司大, give full play to the leading, opt林民imizing and forcing rol數務e of ecological and envir很學onmental protection, and promote the c放事omprehensive green transformation of e術高conomic and social d懂多evelopment.

The environmental protection indu木唱stry needs to be "stable&草睡quot; and orderly. W舊自hy?

First, there is a balanc上美e between environmental pro爸廠tection and economic development. Luo 月高Jianhua believes that enviro空訊nmental protection should not o司睡nly fight a tough battle, but al場她so fight a protracted war. To sol朋煙ve the major environmental p答嗎roblems affecting the people'如東;s lives, we must fig路都ht a protracted war for o藍微thers.

Secondly, it is related to the increasi林鐵ng difficulty of environmental protecti村上on. 2022 marks the 50th anniversary o廠這f China's opening of the樂美 cause of environmental protection and就信 the 20th anniversary of t什和he market-oriented reform of the enviro麗學nmental protection industry. Luo Ji內爸anhua said that after so many years了雨 of efforts, the drooping fruits in t慢場he field of environmen作到tal protection have bee市購n picked, leaving some &qu吧上ot;hard bones" that 藍相are difficult to chew. For 那場example, in terms of 男西controlling the atmosphere, sulfur di下內oxide indicators have been con就會trolled, but volatile or行雜ganic compounds are diffi相數cult to control, which is不去 also an international跳離 problem; In terms of environmen很外t, rural environmental infra爸商structure is still very wea家筆k; In the treatment of soil pollution, 人報the technology lags 件員behind and the cost is still very hig自司h. These short board problems離什 need a process to be s廠謝olved, which can not be achieved 制工overnight.

Environmental protection should not onl就個y rely on administrative 相生means, but also rely more on 光廠market and economic means. Lu西月o Jianhua said that we 草紅should not only consider 光又the effect, but also cons媽舞ider the cost, and make more場有 use of market means to do envir化小onmental protection.

Zhao Lijun said: "I believe th月花at after a period of adjustment in the 空討past, the environmental protectio術謝n industry will find a公見 new positioning in ter數錯ms of technology, product and 月商equipment, and the environm去內ental protection industry will un去樂dergo profound changes."