Review on the development of environme吧站ntal protection indust來女ry in 2021 and development pro妹購spect in 2

2022-01-24 09:42

Introduction: in 2021, China&新姐#39;s environmental protection industr喝務y has achieved considerable花去 development and rema分師rkable results, which has effectively 中們supported the battle of poll了學ution prevention, contin個坐uously improved the indust話跳rial service system, a姐現nd continuously impr鄉村oved the level of pollution pr媽知evention technology and technical唱要 equipment.

The picture of history i到藍s unfolded in the process of forgin舊她g ahead; The glorious chapter of the t影看imes is written in cont員月inuous struggle. In 船市the past year, we have success大民fully embarked on a new內時 journey of building a modern socia遠子list country in an all-roun民拿d way and marching towards the微司 second Centennial goal.遠生

In this year, eight bindin師外g indicators in the field of eco坐師logical environment in the national eco哥行nomic and social development 呢音plan were successfully completed, poll訊爸utant emissions continu自也ed to decline, the qual工間ity of ecological environment was 熱風significantly improved, and a g熱音ood start was made in the starting y生動ear of the 14th five year 草坐plan. In this year, China's en喝亮vironmental protectio得但n industry has made co學技nsiderable development 說可and remarkable achievements, which ha區視s effectively supported the ba生問ttle of pollution preve紙他ntion and control, continuously i麗場mproved the industrial servic長樂e system, and continuous些區ly improved the level of p信門ollution prevention an西熱d control technology and tec月音hnical equipment. Review鐘空 and summarize the development status i路雨n 2021, look forward to計暗 the prospects and challenges in 20體愛22, and hope to promote the envi議答ronmental protection industry to 自新a new level.

Policy efforts to expand market 放算space

The "14th five year plan" per為弟iod is a critical peri遠購od for China to further城月 promote the construction音船 of ecological civil會話ization, a transitio懂土n period to promote all-rou藍能nd green development of economy and s區湖ociety, a window per空請iod to continue to fight務飛 the tough battle of pollutio他船n prevention and contr就黑ol, and a construction period to 廠又march towards the second Centennial go服對al and achieve the grand畫內 goal of "carbon ne到愛utrality". In the fir訊還st year of the 14th five y頻花ear plan, relevant policies 月對and measures were inte雨腦nsively introduced to plan白黃 the overall situation of房放 carbon peak and carbon neutralization,得長 and make in-depth deployment to fight 術但the tough battle of pol能高lution prevention and control, w技花hich also created a broa都化der space for the developmen但站t of environmental pr音電otection industry. Focus黃路ing on the general requirements of &q美東uot;synergistic effect of pollut麗放ion reduction and carb車得on reduction", a number of p相作olicies and regulations favorable to t樹房he development of environmental prote學筆ction industry have been issued one af高如ter another. The marke但問t mechanism is used to comprehensiv從在ely promote "pollution redu鄉黃ction, carbon reduction and ecological 個謝strengthening", and suppo雜分rt the modernization輛但 of ecological environment governance s拿和ystem and governance capacity.

In March 2021, the State Counci靜黃l issued the 14th five year p理問lan for national economi廠刀c and social development 大也of the people's Republic of Chi開空na and the outline of long-term obje近喝ctives for 2035; In October, t黑謝he opinions of the CPC Central Com區兒mittee and the State Council文自 on completely, accurately and compr可長ehensively implementing the new develo體匠pment concept and doing a司空 good job in carbon p器明eak and carbon neutralizati做喝on and the action pla南土n for carbon peak before 20她謝30 were released; In Novembe畫為r, the CPC Central Commi爸坐ttee and the State Council issue地下d the opinions on deepening the battl章司e of pollution preventio森書n and control; In November, the Mini視空stry of ecology and environme腦算nt and other 17 departments jointly iss工鄉ued the plan for compreh醫很ensive treatment of air poll姐吃ution in autumn and winter 2021著場-2022, and the environmental protect生但ion industry ushered in a strong pol化她icy cycle.

The water pollution control indus器商try is the most mature 時笑sector in the field of快森 environmental protectio一見n. This year, the layout of water eco房弟logical environment protecti窗知on has become more mature and the under東通standing of relevant law物聽s has been deepened. The 1子師4th five year plan for natio資頻nal economic and soc靜她ial development of the people's 多的Republic of China and the outlin冷讀e of long-term objec愛銀tives for 2035 and t請服he water ecological environment prote雪音ction plan for key river basins (2021-2吃北025) have been issued one after ano花朋ther, making important arra拍小ngements for the conti低是nuous improvement of the ecological 很冷environment and the future development 校拿direction of the industry, 這暗marking that China has entered a new er多是a of transformation from場店 water pollution preven訊風tion and control to the overa頻動ll planning of water env拍員ironment, water ecology and w外窗ater resources. The joint protection 女身plan for the regional ecological 明畫environment of the Yangtze Ri下玩ver Delta, the outline of the 雜物plan for ecological protec門友tion and high-quality 不有development of the Yellow River 綠光Basin and the regulations on gr現跳oundwater management have b科器een issued one after another,了土 making the concept of coordi那從nated treatment of water pollut木來ion clearer and the strategic la說水yout of river basin treatment cl化很earer.

The 14th five year plan for nati在裡onal economic and socia村和l development and the 男吧outline of long-term objectives for 紅訊2035 propose to promote P務遠M2 5 and O3, effectively 得外curb the growth trend of O3 concentrati舊暗on, accelerate the co了他mprehensive treatment of volatile 子明organic compounds emission, an靜公d reduce the total volatile organic com對中pounds emission by more than 10% during來線 the 14th Five Year Plan period. Und錢們er the dual carbon target, while ef腦歌fectively controlling VOCs, we街小 must take into account carb西師on emission reduction and focu制頻s on the development of gre化員en and low-carbon treatment tec麗那hnologies. In this regard農但, great progress has bee了都n made in the implementa都得tion of source substit通就ution and cleaner production, reducti女女on of process leakage, and efficien舞煙t end treatment. The thi路窗rd-party service work 司歌has developed rapidly,愛快 and the consulting and tr看音aining business volume has increased r山制apidly. The preparation requiremen亮北ts of governance schemes such as妹刀 "one city, one policy", &qu跳費ot;one bank, one policy&qu聽唱ot; and "one factory, one pol金了icy" have become the effective sup可內port of VOCs governance industry. Dete山子ction and data management and g煙業overnance facility ope員了ration services have bec弟習ome the development trend of the in些得dustry. National policies encou煙到rage the construction of VOCs業花 "Green Island"微文 projects involving in高中dustrial parks and enterprise cluste如視rs, and make overall事作 planning for the construction of做做 a number of central煙如ized coating centers, activated carb拿錢on centralized treatment c黃去enters and solvent centralized 路雨purification and reco一男very centers, so as to realize th木內e centralized and efficient treatme技醫nt of VOCs.

With the promulgation of the時有 national development goa機務ls and relevant policies秒現 and standards in the 些得14th five year plan, the pilot 做那construction of "waste free 靜聽city" has been continuously promo亮對ted, the demonstration of comp我城rehensive utilization of bulk solid玩東 waste has been carried ou懂嗎t in an orderly manner, the classifie說弟d treatment of domestic w話志aste and the treatment of plastic 習喝pollution have been s呢但olidly promoted, and the so頻答lid waste treatment and亮男 utilization industry a動多nd market have been further s河理tandardized, The reduction and recycli村影ng level of solid waste那區 has been further improved.道匠 Nevertheless, the implementation現電 of the law of the p司體eople's Republic of China從熱 on the prevention and control弟月 of environmental pollution by solid w煙風aste by the Standing快話 Committee of the National 一坐People's Congress and the cent去了ral supervision of ecologi樹歌cal and environmental protection still輛很 reflect that there are su黃了pporting policies in Chi火習na's solid waste煙我 treatment and utilizat和窗ion industry, the preparatio吃店n and revision of the list of爸國 standards is relatively l業得agging behind, some solid wastes a坐還re classified vaguely, it is diff北服icult to collect and tran花報sfer, and there are shortcomin美師gs in disposal and utilization ca下學pacity and technology, Pollut機你ion control and standardized en吧拍vironmental management need t信山o be strengthened.

Make up for shortcomings,腦湖 improve quality and efficiency, and是資 maintain the tone of seeking pr去短ogress in stability

From "resolutely fight well&多樂quot; to "deeply fight well&q請國uot;, it means that the cont微計radictions involved in p輛很ollution prevention and control ar會吧e deeper, broader and more跳黑 demanding, including p頻問ollution reduction and carbon reduct市裡ion, urban and rural areas, and P司亮M2 5 intertwined with ozone, water env就腦ironment treatment and water ecologica場都l protection, new pollutant trea能件tment and traditional海煙 pollutant prevention an作校d control, the problems are m謝門ore complex, more difficult and關子 more challenging than ever before. 志黑The National Conference on ecological微如 and environmental protect弟內ion in 2022 stressed鐘用 the need to maintain t嗎劇he working tone of stabi跳空lity and seeking progress in stabilit雨習y. We should not only adhe鄉媽re to the continuous improvemen從請t of environmental qu樹信ality, but also consi音綠der connotation development an章老d physical efficiency, do not encou志計rage setting too high goals,玩來 and focus on consolida雜紅ting work achievemen鐘內ts and improving work quality a跳道nd efficiency.

The 14th five year plan is a crit間高ical period for China's wa對笑ter ecological environment術報 protection. All localiti慢體es are not encouraged to pursue too hig但麗h a proportion of excellent water你制 bodies, but hope to focus on我從 consolidating the work foun多開dation, making up for 音放the shortcomings and improving道廠 the work efficiency