Protecting the ecological environmen站門t of the Yellow River: the green 下年evolution of central enterprise家畫

2022-01-24 09:41

In recent years, protecting the ecolog動一ical environment and pro讀商moting green develop們事ment has increasingl冷謝y become an important goal for many時雨 central enterprises to practice hig坐睡h-quality development. As an i林用mportant ecological barrier and Economi師湖c Zone in China, the ecologica吃花l protection of the Yellow R放很iver Basin is also an importa爸村nt link. Recently, the妹白 reporter visited Sinopec林又9;s Shengli Oilfield and Jinan refin子家ery in Shandong to f微匠eel the green evolution brought 算訊by the central enterprise energ如農y base to protect the ec厭煙ological environment of the Yellow Rive城南r.

Shengli Oilfield looks new

59 years ago, well ying-2 of Shengli O家裡ilfield set the highest daily oil 開美production record in China at t玩街hat time, which made it famous all o用熱ver the world. Dongying City 下話in Shandong Province, located 器草at the mouth of the lo照的wer Yellow River, is the birthpl輛弟ace of the meritorious well.外我

"When the oil workers roar, the光音 earth will shake three times&q拿爸uot;. In Yinger well, the scene of o笑要il workers busy in the past 報上is gone. On the clean and empty fl站市at land, rows of neat and uniform說拍 solar panels are standing in the sun, 坐坐several small wind turbines 看綠are standing upright in the wind, and t上事he wind wings rotate constantly unde聽銀r the strong wind.

The above scene is an epi事聽tome of the "scenery heat stor木美age" multi energy co科請mplementary project in yingerjin資林g area. In recent yea女理rs, Shengli Oilfield has gi吧門ven full play to the advantages of idle務去 land, self provided power g微舞rid and local consumption, 業冷and vigorously promoted the cons友就truction of this new energy project. At答鐘 present, the project has revitali火中zed 116000 square meters of l說懂and and can generate 4章多.32 million kwh of power every 身報year.

The annual carbon emission of 遠人Shengli Oilfield acc師水ounts for two-thirds of th得聽e upstream of Sinopec. Under the back遠志ground of the "double 時唱carbon target", the impleme民哥ntation of the project is also of影妹 great significance. Accord國嗎ing to Yang Ping, director of the mark見見et operation Department of Shengli O學樂ilfield new energy development center地為, the multi energy complement可那ary project in Yinger w遠玩ell block is only one of the eig老業ht new energy project demonst短車ration projects in Shengli O草男ilfield. It is expected去睡 that after all of them are complet很店ed, carbon emissions will b信水e reduced by more than 200000 tons pe友黃r year.

In order to pursue "all 湖會green" and "true green" 鄉個to a greater extent, Shengli Oilfield海女 has also put forward strict 去妹regulations at vario妹少us nodes such as drilling, operation,從藍 oil production and gathering 畫信and transportation. "The req好玩uirements are very st厭森rict. There can't 器雪be a trace of oil on the p報麗olished rod." In the face of stric影區t environmental protection requirem讀河ents, Wang Dehua, who has worked員和 in Shengli Oilfield for more than兵但 30 years, said he has a紅樹dapted to it for a while.

Under "high standard如土s and strict requirements",暗南 Shengli Oilfield has bought "g筆錢reen water and green mountains" f著上or Dongying City. Nowadays, the Li司鐵uhu oil production man頻不agement area of Xian日草he oil production plan在店t, a crude oil production unit with a可器n annual output of more than 100000 to個時ns, has been integrated with guangli錢照he Forest Wetland Park訊光 in Dongying City, a生理nd the green space and flowers他女 have covered the oil fiel車技d with "new clothes視請".

"Through the development of the你鐵 mode of 'underground efficien船資t oil production and a睡熱boveground sightseeing tourism'身知;, the surrounding environment of the些章 oil field has gradua開睡lly taken on a new look, realizi厭妹ng the real integrati章商on of wells and landscapes, an雨明d effectively protecting the ecologi一新cal environment of the estuary o微作f the Yellow River." The 唱刀relevant person in charge of Li湖醫uhu oil production man資頻agement area said.

"Urban refinery" becom笑拍es a green business card

How should refining and c為地hemical enterprises c錯好oexist harmoniously with 答海the city and surrounding re刀些sidents? Located in the east of the 們睡central urban area of J物又inan on the Bank of th志時e Yellow River, Jinan re學木fining and chemical, which is at the f笑南orefront of "chen遠朋gwai petrochemical", ha校長s given the "answer" of我路 exploration.

Founded in 1971, Jinan花秒 refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. m藍校ainly produces gasoline, diese匠慢l, aviation kerosene, liqu藍話efied gas, road asphalt, 如美polypropylene, lubric日在ating oil and other 遠身products. However, such紅微 an enterprise that se房她ems to be prone to production pollution黃音 is "safe" in土購 the densely populated urban center.

"Jinan refining a上來nd chemical can be neutral關紙 in the city. It depends on the i讀生nvestment in pollution prevention and道請 control over the years and the stri紙大ct requirements for en街離vironmental protection.&農低quot; Xia Jixiang, Secretary of Jinan r暗問efining and chemical Party comm購道ittee, said that in the past, 草日there were almost wast說船eland near the factory, bu跳也t now the factory has been su又算rrounded by large and small residential區嗎 areas, including some high-end res多生idential areas.

Data show that during the 13th Five Yea為著r Plan period, Jinan refining, 你藍chemical and environm算這ental protection inves商是ted 665 million yuan, including 51暗厭1 million yuan for was得不te gas treatment and 107 million yu裡那an for waste water treatment. 海國At the same time, the first &quo輛玩t;three-year" pollu制樹tion prevention and con訊的trol goal set by the company in 2018 歌劇has been fully completed by D什車ecember 2020.

According to Xu Wenguang,看為 deputy general manage海議r of Jinan refining and che說房mical industry, Jinan is 姐房located in the lower 服習reaches of the Yellow River w民體ith rich underground water system. In 大數order to protect groundwater, since 外紅October last year, the plant has adopte物能d indirect heating desorption techno相妹logy to treat oily sludge in the民子 sludge reduction device算低. The moisture content an快坐d oil content of the dried oil行唱y sludge of the device can b喝計e reduced to the best level員在 below 5% and 2% respectively, a說銀nd the overall reductio器中n of oily sludge can rea票是ch more than 80%, greatly redu新門cing the generation of hazardous 媽用waste.

"Our goal of environmental p業風rotection is not only to meet the em男是ission standards, but to但鐵 live in harmony with the su河少rrounding residents." W美制en Chuanzhong, general manager o一商f Jinan refining and ch地如emical company, said. Accord在吧ing to reports, sinc電美e 2014, the refinery has invited 5請南000 members of the public to enter t劇多he refinery, visit and月媽 experience on the spot, and bu為樂ild a bridge of benign co用下mmunication with the public.

Years of "deep 討放cultivation" in飛拿 the green field has won many h少外onors for Jinan refining a物到nd chemical industry: Na長放tional "green factory" and看放 national civilized unit &quo內服t;six consecutive titles" 有路"Green" has bec朋拿ome a gilded business的風 card of Jinan refining and Chemical 購謝Co., Ltd. The relevant person 站機in charge of the enterpr多花ise said that in the nex動有t step, it will target the worl聽來d-class, build the bench弟內mark of urban refineries, and comp農兵rehensively build a higher le開喝vel of "fine, exc去笑ellent, strong and beauti好師ful" green ente們木rprise.