Turn waste into treasure影刀 and make life better

2022-01-24 09:37

In accordance with the requirements o樂機f the national "waste free藍飛 city" strategy, achieve the purp劇上ose of reducing, recycling and harm多刀less treatment of al明黑l kinds of new ordinary waste, and師弟 comprehensive treatment of old waste 司新in the original landfill, build a r朋但esource-saving and en新飛vironment-friendly modern件她 health city, and realiz子船e the closed-loop ecological cy又分cle of all kinds of ordinary was員銀te by taking the "LJ" fi區笑ve chemical classificati畫說on and comprehensive treatment 劇亮technology of all kinds 弟動of waste in urban and ru北都ral areas as the hub,影也 Develop ecological environmental p民去rotection circular economy industrial p科兵ark, use pure ecologi亮費cal organic fertilizer produced by dome農日stic waste treatment plant, and plant 銀土pollution-free organic green food.信到 Develop industries such as ecological 林和planting, ecological breeding, 門路ecological forestry and e知哥cological tourism in the park吧知 to promote the susta男白inable development of local econo房冷my.

The "rapid, harmless, non sur分習plus, resource recycli要民ng and industrialization" 行煙treatment technology of va海裡rious ordinary wastes in urba高場n and rural areas, abb麗日reviated as "LJ&quo爸弟t; five chemical treatment technol理信ogy - Garbage comes in and produ離光cts go out.

Core process: fully enclosed mechanized區微 sorting system + organic會知 matter high temperature and遠光 high pressure catalytic deg樂站radation to organic fertilizer system 身雨+ combustible pyrolysis and gasifi制地cation system + plastic wood 問一plastic board system + inor去文ganic building materials system.樂多

This technology can 務知dispose all kinds of ordinary 理好wastes except hazardous wastes pro小黑duced locally (for ex女低ample: urban domestic waste, 師店rural, community, scenic s也飛pot, government, schoo這男l, military waste, stale waste, 對一construction and decoration waste,遠秒 industrial and mining waste resid了坐ue, kitchen, kitchen家有 waste, vegetable market錢動 waste, landscaping waste, agricul大子tural waste, straw, farm w下信aste, animal carcass, human計了 and animal manure, 中得slaughterhouse waste, mun志外icipal sludge, industrial sl腦美udge, food industry waste,事森 traditional Chinese medicine industry關腦 waste and papermaking w筆科aste) Garbage, industrial garbage,紙公 etc.), collected on the same day, 務城treated on the same 劇舞day, and the products are produced 分對at sunrise.

No incineration, no landf厭林ill, zero emission and no pollutio著劇n.

The technology consists of 26 河麗patents, and more than 離低20 factories have bee拍服n built in China.