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Tf-membrane is a science and technolo睡線gy enterprise engaged in 計要the development and application of國快 environmental protection 也討and energy-saving scientific and techn問媽ological products. Design and com日農missioning of water, waste 購匠water and aquaculture waste 放科gas recovery system. Tf-membran謝區e has more than 20 years o冷現f practical experience in surface tr動醫eatment, electronics and aquacult劇都ure, In the design of targeted syste山從m, it has outstanding career, advanc科光ed nature and stabili湖分ty. Based on the concept of rapid, 南木agile, positive, steady and formal,白下 the company continues to devel東但op and achieve scientific and techn你明ological achievements.
1、Process wastewater reuse
2、Water supply, reclaimed water an上新d wastewater treatment and 南體reuse
3、Liquid medicine filtra開火tion and reuse
1、Replaceable filtration / conc厭刀entration TF membrane
2、external pressure h分費ollow fiber ultrafiltration membr從亮ane
1、Micro sewage discharge爸西
2、micro pollution
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