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Tf-membrane is a science and t內市echnology enterprise engaged頻電 in the development and a嗎自pplication of environ身議mental protection and energy-savin對和g scientific and technologic視還al products. Design and commissio她器ning of water, waste water and aquacu謝了lture waste gas recovery sy嗎音stem. Tf-membrane has more tha家為n 20 years of practical experience in 子線surface treatment, elect司讀ronics and aquaculture, In th又著e design of targeted sy亮什stem, it has outstandi為筆ng career, advanced nature and st站兵ability. Based on the concept of r中們apid, agile, positive, stea書舊dy and formal, the company continue金跳s to develop and achieve scientific紙刀 and technological achievements.
1、Process wastewater reuse
2、Water supply, reclaimed water and影時 wastewater treatment and reuse
3、Liquid medicine filtration a們刀nd reuse
1、Replaceable filtration / co喝這ncentration TF membrane
2、external pressure hollow fiber ultra可畫filtration membrane
1、Micro sewage discharge
2、micro pollution
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