Car washing wastewater r森但euse equipment / W-Car
It aims at the solid-li匠跳quid separation of w靜制astewater and the regener鐘吃ation and purification of water, such 冷風as decolorization, deod開知orization, deoiling, organic土化 matter removal, sterilizati女影on and virus killing.
A miniature mobile waste water 跳謝recycling system with integrated sand 年南Desander,Micro filte麗友r, Oil Remover, Foam processo一刀r and Enzyme Lnput Device.

Micro emission

Micro sewage dischar務麗ge, micro pollution

Micro movable design, more fle照些xible use
High efficiency

0.6t / h water production c高議apacity + 300L large ca作木pacity water tank +Automatic water repl拍黑enishment system, so that t雜做he use is not interrupted
Multiple filtering

The six major circulation filtr高子ation systems are sand Desa飛員nder,Micro filter,Oil Remove,Foam鐵訊 processor,Enzyme Lnpu師制t Device and TF-Membra南好ne
Product application

Mobile wastewater treatment愛們 equipment, more ideas waiting件事 for you to find~

Equipment diagram
Comprehensive filtra區都tion system
  • Desander
  • Micro Filter
  • Oil Remover
  • Foam Processor
  • Enzyme Lnput D做有evice

Desander,It can remove large granular and large 視民dirt in water, such as sediment

PP melt blown filter e科火lement can effective體笑ly remove fine suspended solids, parti票校cles and other impurities and reduce鄉藍 the turbidity of wastewater

It contains lipophilic章微 fiber filter element and 科討is modified to quickly讀站 adsorb oil stain in 子高waste water

Filled with example exchange中術 resin, it can remove iron ions, mangan樂文ese ions and participating organics fro吧子m wastewater

Enzyme tablets are diss鐘音olved in wastewater, which has th錢你e effect of deodorization 的雪and sterilization, so that the c子吧ontent of Escherichia coli and 海那total residual chlorine in 著師water can meet the standard

Innovative tank filte輛家r membrane replaceable d工購esign, filtration accuracy 0.1 ~ 0.00有相5um, super sewage discha場科rge capacity
Filtration process