About us
Tf-membrane is a science and technolo我坐gy enterprise engaged in the de窗算velopment and application of environm分也ental protection and energy-saving sci冷術entific and technological produ飛對cts. Design and commi綠喝ssioning of water, waste 分信water and aquaculture w這師aste gas recovery system. TF了商-MEMBRANE has been w器個orking in surface treatmen暗匠t, electronics and aquaculture for m視工ore than 20 years, and has excelle小資nt professional, advanced 在火and stable design in tar校很geted systems. Based on the conc城術ept of rapid, agile, positive, s文歌teady and formal, the com術輛pany continues to develop and ach火謝ieve scientific and technologica銀術l achievements. Microfiltration membra東生ne filter is a new project 科樂centered on the core technologies光年 of the United States術是, Britain, France and Japan and le白黑d by the R & D team of Am報東erican material experts (Ford Wa風金rren) and a group of 上新Chinese scholars. It has a number of pa這街tents approved and app議匠roved in many countries. It is 有在a new generation of environmental商現 protection and energy-sav短冷ing filter products.
Management team
Effectively cultivate a低了nd encourage all members of the organi頻路zation to improve their fun兒校ctions
President Speech

Aim high, sharpen the sword f些師or ten years, frost front test;吃冷 Set sail and forge ahead, unite風農 as one, and the sky is 玩中equal; After countless market s秒學truggles, today, the c土拿ompany has walked calmly for 12 years內行 with firm steps; Over the past 12 y微輛ears, we have worked hard and 討外witnessed the growth history of the co唱玩mpany from small to la光暗rge with wisdom and hard sweat喝議; Over the past 12 years, we 資相have worked hard and forged嗎站 a solid foundation fo技行r the company's career develop光算ment with persistent裡知 faith and unrepentant pursuit農現. Twelve years of hardships and t見窗rials have created a graceful and go紙就rgeous turn of the company黃東; We have experienced t醫明he vicissitudes of t站購he times, and every 見問market change has given e那城nterprises the opportu技冷nity to grow and temper; Ev暗嗎ery market crisis also gives enterprise大什s room for growth and sh藍她arp change.
1、Process wastewater 相件reuse
2、Water supply, reclaimed water這對 and wastewater treatmen船路t and reuse
3、Liquid medicine filtration 火嗎and reuse
1、Replaceable filtration兵土 / concentration TF membrane
2、external pressure hollow fiber ultraf書請iltration membrane
1、Micro sewage discharge
2、micro pollution